Our accommodations are strategic, pristine, central, and just plain old awesome.  The entire staff there is ready and excited to welcome us with open arms.

We will call the neighborhood of Asakusa our home for the 2020 games.  And although some of you may want to call it, “Ay-sak-USA!”…know your home is pronounced “Ah-sah-koo-sah”.  As in, the background chorus from Lionel Ritchie’s hit, ‘All Night Long’.  I’ve never seen so many sushi restaurants, ramen joints, bars, and shops within a four block radius. GET REALLY FREAKIN’ EXCITED ABOUT THESE ACCOMMODATIONS!

In Vancouver, accommodations were central, but hardly pristine.  In London, accommodations were fairly central and definitely not pristine.  In Sochi, our accommodations were not central nor pristine (but super cool and spacious regardless).  Rio was awesome for locale in Ipanema and quality was really good too.  But these….these are the best yet!

Your “bunk”. Whatever you do here, don’t go “glass half empty” on this style of lodging. We are in the heart of Tokyo. If you want to spread out, better get the Olympics to come to Texas or something. The Japanese make excellent use of space and this is no exception! Each bunk can really fit two people (if you’re missing your significant other in the bunk next to you), but each person gets one. It’s got a lamp, two outlets, three walls, a curtain for privacy and is plenty long enough to accommodate the Mike Shatzel and Chris Fricke’s of the world. These are not coffins or tombs, these are private bunks and sooo much better than the open ones. It’s really awesome. I called one of these bunks home for four nights and when I left, I’m telling you, I was sad. For kicks, I might decorate my bunk with posters and xmas lights. Or maybe have a bunk party one night…I don’t know. Last thing I’ll say on this subject – this is a very comfortable place to lay your head between Olympic events, parties, sightseeing and late night antics.  It serves its purpose beautifully.

Bathrooms – spotless.  Private showers with room to change inside the shower room itself.  Toilets are equally spotless.

Our common space – Is a perfect 10!  Music playing, sake pouring, soup drinking, beef cooking, staff smiling, mecca.  There are at least 30 sakes to choose from and two beers on tap.  It’s the perfect place to eat or drink before heading out or after a big day.  Congregating for our group will have never been so good!  Our new friends are excited to have us and I’m really excited to introduce you to all of them.

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