Travel Tips For Tokyo

It’s important to align here as you’ll all email, call, and Facebook message me with lots of questions.  All of them will be answered here, hence the whole website thing.  So…here’s most of what you’ll need to know before traveling or booking airfare.

  • Our accommodations are reserved beginning the night of July 24th. This is also the night of the Opening Ceremonies!  ..if your goal is to see the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremonies, know that you’ll have accommodations to make that happen.
  • Our last night of accommodations is July 31st, so you should be flying out on August 1st.
  • For those of you who can afford to stay longer, I can’t recommend it higher. The country of Japan is absolutely outstanding.  From the vibrant city of Osaka, to Mt. Fuji, to the National Parks, a second week would be unreal.
  • When booking flights, if you have plans to arrive on the 24th, make sure you are flying out of the United States (or Europe) the day before, so departing from your home city on July 23rd. You will lose a day traveling this direction.
  • GOOD NEWS – On the way home, you make that time back! As a “for instance”, on December 1, 2017, I had a direct flight to Denver leaving Tokyo’s Narita airport at 6.30pm.  I landed in Denver at 4.30pm on December 1st.  ..I went back in time and landed two hours earlier.  Mind blow!
  • Sleeping pills – I am no doctor, so go seek his or her advice, but I would give a small prescription of sleeping pills some very serious thought. You can be all tough about it, but this time change is no joke.  Jet lag is no joke.  Jet lag is very real.  Going to give you a few quick tips if you’re open to it:
    • From the States, chances are you’re leaving in the morning, so you’ll be wide awake. That or you stayed up late packing and you’re tired.  No matter which, it’s all good.  As our globetrotter Dave Cerio always says, “Sleep when you’re tired and eat when you’re hungry”.  But whatever you do, don’t take a sleeping pill on that flight.  Do what you need to naturally (nap, stay awake, etc.).
    • Upon landing, you’ll be in Japan’s afternoon. So, have a cup of coffee and just power through day one.  Allow the sake and beer to take hold of you.  And providing you haven’t had too much to drink, when it’s time to go to sleep that first night, that may be when it’s time for assistance.  That first sleeping pill is going to give you your first nice night of sleep. That or take a half pill.  That or don’t take a pill.  It’s your decision, but this is how I work it.
    • On night two, I’d recommend you rinse and repeat. It’s okay to get some sleeping assistance to ensure a great week here.  Once it’s clear your body is in-tune with Japan, get back to your natural ways.
    • Alternatively, fight the jet lag fight on your own in Japan, but when you return to this side of the world, that may definitely be when a sleep enhancer may be a great thing to have.
    • If the idea of prescription sleeping pills is not of interest or simply off-putting, give some thought to melatonin, a natural sleep enhancer

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