Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone come on these trips with Journey to the Games?

A: We’re afraid not.  This trip is for friends of Journey to the Games along with friends of those friends.  We’ll be sharing a space together for an entire week, eliminating any stranger danger in-residence.  


Q: Can children come to Paris 2024?

A: Absolutely!  And…would stress parents be conscious of the age of their children.  They should be self sufficient, ready for long days, and a very social (and at times “party”) atmosphere.  10 and up makes sense based on the individual and their ability to travel well and adapt to a different environment.  Anything younger we’d caution against.


Q: What if I’m a party of 2?  What are my options?

A: If 2 people want their own room, they need to buy every other bed in that room to make that a reality.  It can be done, but it will cost a lot more.  Alternatively, find friends or be prepared to make fast friends.


Q: How do I buy tickets for the Olympics?

A: We’ll coach you along the way.  It’s a combination of formally submitting requests in the first round, fastest finger in later rounds, and staying on top of the where and when tickets are released over the coming year and a half.  Once you’re part of this group, and your deposit has been put down, we’ll be sure to hold your hand and assist you in getting all sorts of events.


Q: What events take place the first week of the Olympics?

A: While we’re there, the week is filled with volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, skateboarding, rugby, weightlifting, paddle sports, and early-stage team sporting events (e.g. basketball, baseball, softball, soccer).  At the tail end of the first week, Track and Field begins too.


Q: Are we a concentrated group all week or am I on my own?

A: Definitely on your own.  No one is walking around with a big flag you follow all day.  Each day is yours and yours alone to make.  You’ll see the group congregate in the morning and evening for sure.  You may find that 5-10 people are headed to the same sporting event you’re headed to, and so the group will get a bit larger on the way to the venue.  On occasion, as many as 30+ might be headed out for a night of beach volleyball…which is always fun. 


Q: What happens if there is another pandemic or World War III breaks out?

A: Your guess is as good as ours

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