$1200 for 8 nights lodging at the Tokyo 2020 Games! And if that sounds like a lot for you, in one of the wealthiest cities on planet Earth, during the Olympics, in the heart of Tokyo, in the year 2020, going to recommend you not look any further! It’s important we all not fall prey to this new world’s Airbnb-mentality of “I could do this on my own for less.”  Yes, I believe that’s possible. I believe you can rent someone’s strange apartment in a strange neighborhood, that may or may not have AC, and may or may not be clean…for less. But if you want to have it all laid out for you, vetted for you, and have a built-in crew for 8 nights that will last a lifetime, you come with us! It’s true, accommodations are not spacious.  We can say that outloud and get past it. But man oh man does it boldy check every other box under the sun.

Pricing Includes:

  • 8 nights lodging, from Opening Ceremonies to the start of the second week of the Olympics
  • SWAG
  • Camaraderie
  • All scouting fees incurred
  • All inflation incurred between now and 2020
  • This awesome new website
  • Translator and guide, Lauren Zelek – who I’ve been paying to source accommodations, structure contracts, and strengthen my relationship with our accommodations host

Drafting – Not allowed I’m afraid.  The, “We’re going to do our own thing, but let us know what you’re up to, we’ll stop by and hang out, and I have a few questions on ticket tactics” can’t happen.  Will see you out in Tokyo for sure!  Will hang at events for sure!  But…you’re with the group or you’re not with the group.  Our common space, with all participants, will be at capacity.

Full Payment – With very few spots remaining, full payment is due immediately to hold your spot. Everyone has paid in full and I can’t make any exceptions. Thanks in advance for understanding!

Register here and pay by check or Venmo after that!

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